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Submit a rough draft of the final project. Your rough draft should contain basic information on each of the key elements listed in questions 1–3 in the Final Project Rubric. You will receive full points for your submission of this content. Even more importantly, you will also receive feedback from your instructor on this rough draft that will allow you to polish it for submission at the end of Module Seven.

I’ve attached an outline I did and the Final Rubric (pay attention to rubric at end for how to format) Needs to be APA and below is the teacher’s feedback of my outline.

Feedback from teacher:- You have done a great job at addressing the 3 main parts of the final project – physical, emotional and social. For each section, you should write out a personal and reasonable plan for yourself on how you will achieve what you want to do. Each of the main parts (physical, emotional and social), should address three main questions – what, why and how (ie, the plan). The “what” part should include a little personal background briefly explaining your current state and how you got there (for some this may mean you are not in as healthy a state as you would like to be, for others, you may already be doing many healthy things). You don’t have to share too much personal information if you don’t want – you can be vague in your descriptions. The “why” should address why this element is important – why is exercise important – what are the benefits, etc as an example – here is where you would definitely want to include at least one scholarly resource (like your textbook). The “how” part is your actual plan of action – how will you implement the changes that you have decided you would like to make. For instance, for physical, if you include diet and exercise – you should be specific about what your plan is to eat better (what will you eat more of, how often, what will you eat less of, how will you control this, etc.); for exercise, it should include how often per week, how long and what types of exercise you will do – remember, it should be reasonable for you to truly accomplish. Don’t overlook that third part, the plan – the purpose is to leave the course with a plan of action that you can actually follow. If you’ve already made all of the changes you want to make, then the “how” part should describe your plan for maintaining what you’re doing. At least one scholarly resource should be used per main section – you need a minimum of 3 different scholarly resources. I look forward to your rough draft

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