Rothman Chapter 2 Reflection Paper

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rothman chapter 2 reflection 

Please reflect back to Chapter 2 PPT of the Rothman text. This is posted under the content section of BB. The chapter deals with power inequities. 

1. When was a time that you felt that you had less power in your life? Please outline the basic details of the event and why you felt powerless. Part 2: When is a situation where you think a certaon client population could feel powerless?

For example….

When i was in high school I grew up in a working class family culture and was unable to attend certain recreational activities that my friends of higher socioeconomic backgrounds could attend (such as traveling internationally  and expensive sports. I felt isolated and worried this may put me in a disadvantage when applying for universities. I think that teenage clients in this situation could also feel this way. I think they could be empowered by………

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