rhetorical analysis of web text

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Rhetorical Analysis

You will produce a persuasive argument essay that assesses the effectiveness of the rhetorical strategies the site employs to reach its audience. After you have analyzed the texts (Hardingham, Samantha. “Architectural Association School of Architecture.” AA School Welcome page, 2018), create an argument about what its message is and how effectively that the message is articulated to community members via the web text’s rhetorical strategies. Note: You are making an argument about how well this text argues.

I upload the web text as well. It’s short.


Introduction (keep it one short paragraph) : Give a background about school, the writer, how and where people and students can find this web text.

The write: Samantha Hardingham, is the interim Director of the Architectural Association School of Architecture for 2017-18 as the first woman to take up the role. Hardingham is an architectural author, researcher, and writer. She studied at the Architectural Association from 1987–93

What you need to write about is that:

Thesis: This Welcoming page’s effectiveness in AA School relies on her audience, what is her purpose or massage….. (rewrite a thesis).

1-Body: it should talk how are her audience? Are they current or upcoming students? Do they know about the school or don’t.

2-Body: it sould talk about how does this text fit the stated goals or values of this professional community? What unstated values can you discover? Whar is her purpose?

3-Body: it should talk about the web text analyzing – her arguments- what does want to send or say? Dose she have a massage?

Conclusion (keep it one short paragraph):

1- Use at least two sources.

2- Keep it simple and easy to understand.

3- use MLA formatted citation for the web text.



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