Rewrite Comments With Correct English Construction and Correct Grammar

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Hi, I need help. I need to write 3 comments on my classmates speeches. Each needs to be around 100 words. 

Can you correct my writing like grammer and reprasing and rewrite some of the comments so I have approx 100 words per comment.

Below you will find my written comments. 


When Brian presented a Xbox, during his speech his posture seemed a lil bit stiff to me., because he was holding his hands during the whole speech behind his back. He did a good start, where he catched the audience attention with his good research on the statistic about games. The maintained a good eye contact and he was speaking very fluently, although quite to fast. During the speech he started to forget things and started to make those forgetful face expressions. He should have used notes for the speech, which would have been very helpful during the speech .

James artificial item was a computer. The opening question was very good develop. His speech was freely spoken, he kept good eye contact with the audience, he seemed very secure and was focused on the class. I liked his hand movements which made him look very calm. His conclusion was to short, he should have worked more on it. The speech was a bit to long, James examples where to long, he should have cut them shorter.

Catrine speech about horses was very well explained and detail oriented. Unfortunately at the beginning there was no free speaking at all, she was reading the most of the first part of the speech from her paper and sometimes the freely spoken part sounded like she memorized it. Overall she didn’t seem nervous and I enjoyed listen to her speech.

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