Response to what is consciousness discussion

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Susan Blackmore’s video presentation on consciousness raises the fundamental and puzzling question of how our subjective experience arises from the underlying, presumably objective, physical processes operating within the human brain. This mysterious investigation probes the center of our awareness and poses fundamental concerns about its nature. The existence of a subjective, qualitative “something it is like” to have consciousness drives us to investigate not just how specific patterns of brain activity give rise to our complex array of ideas, emotions, and sensory sensations but also why this is the case (Peters, 2019). The problem of consciousness poses the task of understanding the complex interplay between the brain’s mechanical processes and the individual and distinctive features of our conscious experience.

One key component of the problem is the inherent subjectivity of consciousness. Each person’s enjoyment is precise, and we cannot realize what it is like for someone else. While we can use language to describe our experiences, these descriptions are first-rate approximations and cannot capture the full intensity of someone else’s awareness. This subjectivity poses a massive assignment while looking to study and recognize attention scientifically.

The “hard problem” of focus, coined by truth seeker David Chalmers, delves deeper into this mystery. It questions now not simply how our brains process data to supply consciousness but why and how there may be something it wants to be conscious of. In other words, it questions the very nature of subjective experience itself.

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