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Hey everyone, while doing my research for SP3 I came across this article titled “Spreadsheet Worst Practices”. Upon reading the article further, I realized that their worst practices seemed like the easiest things to avoid doing. Some of the “Worst Practices” included not separating your data into different cells, not making duplicates of your spreadsheet for testing, and not being able to format your spreadsheet for presentation. As a Certified Microsoft Specialist, I was trained in Microsoft Excel, therefore, these practices may come naturally to me. However, for someone who is a novice to Excel, they may not know to do these things. Do you guys think that in order to limit the problems associated with spreadsheets, businesses should require employees to complete the Microsoft Specialist Certification training?

Here is the link to the article:…


Ansari, S., & Block, R. (2008, May 14). Spreadsheet “Worst Practices”-. Retrieved March 15, 2018, from…

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