Response to identity

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According to Parfit, the person on Mars is an extension of the first person who lived through teletransportation. But the person here on Earth is also an extension of someone who came from nothing. Neither can be the same as the original person. Parfit concludes that a person can live into the future even though no one there is exactly like him. 

If we do not possess souls, then the fact that we are the same person must be due to our shared physical characteristics or our psychological connections. The concept of physical continuity holds that the only thing that keeps us the same person through time is maintaining the same brain, even though other aspects of ourselves, such as our personalities or memories, evolve. 
We should pay attention to two points when reading Parfit’s work. Whether a future individual will be identical to the present should depend only upon their inherent characteristics. The outcome cannot be contingent upon the experiences or circumstances of others. Given the significant significance attributed to personal identification, determining whether a prospective individual is an extension of oneself mustn’t hinge upon a tiny or inconsequential detail.

The concept of psychological connection posits that the presence of a sufficiently extensive collection of shared experiences and personality characteristics is what defines our identity as a singular individual. It is essential to address the issue of the concept of psychological continuity or connectivity as a determinant of personal identity.

Our identity is not a constant that never changes. We shape our character daily based on each memory, interaction, and experience. I am what I think and do, but I believe and do based on many factors that affect me. Therefore, my identity will continue shaping me based on my chosen journey.

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