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The freedom from bodily restraints that would prohibit us from behaving gives us the appearance of having free will over our actions and ideas. When we put our plans into motion, we get the confidence to achieve our goals. The ability to choose a specific action from a set of potential outcomes is what is meant by the word “free will.” The concept of free will is inextricably related to personal accountability. One has the right to suggest what is best for himself. The exercise of free choice might constrain others’ independence. Making moral choices and voicing opinions is a hallmark of free will. However, one should have the privilege of free will only if their decision does not harm another individual. 

Determinism is the belief that every action is the predetermined consequence of some earlier cause. By understanding the causal linkages between occurrences, someone with perfect knowledge of the laws of nature and all metaphysical facts in the past could predict everything that would happen in the future. 

A person’s sense of free will arises from their self-awareness and awareness of the options available. The notion of free will centers on ideas about the bounds of human freedom. It educates the individual about the norms of society and the rules of law. One learns the hard way what he should and should not do.

The idea of free choice does not give somebody carte blanche to murder or hurt other people. It encourages independent thought and guarantees everyone’s right to follow the law. Having the power of choice implies responsibility for making moral and ethical decisions. It gives us a clearer picture of who we are and how we fit into the broader context of life.

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