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for this assignment you will provide a 200 word response to the following:

Hume’s view of the enduring self is that we are constantly in a state of change. Nothing has a continuous existence. You are not the same as you were a second ago. We don’t really have a self; we have ideas, beliefs and memories, but no self. Everything is going to change. I can say that I did not steal the car because I have changed since then. I can acknowledge that my previous self did commit the crime, but I am no longer my previous self. The questions that this brings up are that if I know my previous self committed the crime, can’t I be punished for it? If I have the memory of committing a crime, did the person I am today commit it? If someone catches me in the act and takes me straight to the police, did I become a completely different person in the five minutes it took to get me there?

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