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Hello All,

When someone is sentenced to a prison stay, they are put into the systems care, therefore the system should be doing what they can in order to prevent reoffending. While in the prisons care, individuals are afforded many rights, and most are able to attend programs and classes that will help them with whatever issues they are facing. The primary purpose of prisons today is to protect society and keep dangerous individuals locked up until they can be rehabilitated and released or to keep them for a more permanent stay. For those that are able to potentially be rehabilitated, there are educational programs to help them finish school or a degree, there are drug abuse programs to help them get clean and there are support groups to help them maintain their families. 

In my opinion, correctional institutions that are “successful” are those that are able to help their prisoners to stop reoffending and stay out of prison and make something of themselves. Other things that could help with rehabilitation besides just locking someone up and providing them with resources within the prison are letting them out on parole but make sure they keep up with meetings or classes that are providing them help. Once someone has completed their time, prisons could continue to offer help to those that need it in order to help them from reoffending. 

This has been a fun 8 weeks and I enjoyed seeing and learning from many different perspectives. Good luck to everyone with your future endeavors.

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In response to your peers, consider how well they justified their positions, making use of available resources. Consider the following questions in your response posts:

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  • Which of their points make the most sense to you, even if you made a case for the opposing viewpoint?

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