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From the teacher below :

First topic–Research Methods

This topic is meant to give you an understanding of what biopsychologists do. To investigate the biological bases of behavior and mental processes, biopsychologists must find ways to observe and record both the activities of the brain/body and of behavior. The research methods of biopsychology fall into two general categories: methods of manipulating and measuring behavior, and methods of manipulating and measuring biological factors, most often brain activity. Chudler’s website has a nice brief review of some of the neuroscience methods…. Remember that a key to scientific progress lies in what has been referred to as converging operations (bringing several methods to bear on the same problem so that each compensates for the shortcomings of the others). This is especially important when we deal with interdisciplinary issues as in biopsychology.

In Brain Facts, there is a chapter on Kinds of Research that you should refer to. The behavioral methods are not reviewed there but there is a outlined reading in Course Resources that you can refer to. The behavioral methods can include (1) paradigms to look at naturally occurring behaviors in animals like motor activity, grooming, swimming, eating, drinking, copulating, fighting, nest-building; (2) seminatural animal paradigms like learned taste aversion, responding in mazes; (3) conventional conditioning paradigms like operant/instrumental conditioning, Pavlovian classical conditioning.

For this topic, assume that this is a laboratory in which you are given two rats and are told that one of the rats has a brain lesion whose origin and locus is unknown. The other rat is normal. Your task is to test the rats to determine which one has the lesion. How would you test the rats to determine which one has the lesion? What is the first thing that you would want to do and how would you do it? How would you determine the behavioral effects of the lesion? You should consider why you would use the methods that you use.

Identify each of the two methods that you will use in your subject line–one should be a biological method and one should be a behavioral method.

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