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This paper is about me and my family, any question u need ask me and need any more info please ask me

About me- I am 24, Sunni Muslim, i study in Lynn University, i did my high school in California and now studying in Florida. I am Bangladeshi, was born there. My father supports me and pay for everything, never worked, only at my dads textile industry. My dad divorced my mom but my dad supports her and she lives in our other house with my elder sister, my bother and i live with my dad at a different house. Our home town is called Bagerhat and we all live in Dhaka city now. My plan is to work for my dad after my education finished and expand his business. We r a typical Muslim family

Siblings- My sister (Sahara Salim) age 42, studied in London, now is a house wife lives in Bangladesh and has 2 kids lives with her hunsband

My brother (Mehdi Hassan Salim) age 40 studied in London with his wife now currently lives in Bangladesh works with my dad looking some part of the business, has a daughter, a wife, lives with my dad.

My Dad- (MAH Salim) age 63has 5 brothers, 1 sister, his parents passed away before i was born. He is first generation rich, he is Ex- Member of Parliament, now is a industrialist and he is an owner of his own company, he has manpower business and real state business. He take cares all of us and supports us. His company makes cloths and fabrics for H&M Zara tom tailor and others in large volumes.

My mother- (Amena Begum) age 57, has 3 sisters, she is a house wife, divorced, her parents died before i was born so never seen them, prays 5 times a day.

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