reflective writing 3

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We are taking a break from the discussion forum this week and focusing instead on reflective writing, a form of writing that is far more personal and individualized but also a way to

track your
thinking and learning.

Reflective Response #1 asks you to respond to four items:

  1. Provide your working definition of your academic discipline (not your program of study or your future profession)
  2. Explain why you chose to specialize in that discipline at Mason and what you might gain from learning about its discourse community
  3. Describe what you expected to learn in ENGH 302
  4. Compare your expectations to the learning objectives of ENGH 302, especially its role in the Students as Scholars program (OSCAR) at Mason


READ The “Discourse Community: The Production of Knowledge in a Discipline”

READ “What Is a Discourse Community?”

READ “Discourse Communities in Brief”

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