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Complete a reflection essay 5 pages detailing the experience and insights gained during your experience doing your internship with the CFO of a University. I provide some back ground information about the CFO that you are following for one school fall semester at a Christian University.

This is some background of the CFO: University announced today the appointment of Joseph as chief financial officer and legal counsel. He is new this Christian University just got hired in June. The CFO will serve on the president’s cabinet, oversee UM’s business and financial operations, and serve as university legal counsel. He will be responsible for areas including information technology, facilities, vendor relations and contracts, and security.He currently serves in a similar capacity at Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, Georgia, where he also serves as dean of the Sattler School of Public Service and associate professor of law and government. University President said Joseph the CFO extensive experience in Christian higher education makes him an excellent addition to University, which is in a period of rapid growth and development. In the nearly two years that President has served as president, the university has rebranded, added a number of academic programs with more in process, opened the Center for Excellence in Healthcare Practice, and developed innovative initiatives including a four-day academic week and a concierge model of customer service. He was vice president and director of operations at ccAdvertising in Herndon, Virginia, where he directed political and commercial campaign strategy and business operations.Joseph the CFO is a member of the New Jersey bar, American Bar Association, New Jersey Bar Association, and the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in American public affairs and social relations from Michigan State University. He conducted legal studies at Notre Dame School of Law in London, England, and holds a Master of Arts in public policy from Regent University School of Government and the Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law, both in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Joseph the CFO holds a Master of Laws from University of London, King’s College in London, England. He is expected to complete this year a Doctor of Education with a specialization in educational leadership from Liberty University.

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