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For each of the following scenarios, use supply and demand analysis to predict the resulting changes in the real interest rate, national saving, and investment. Show all diagrams. Diagrams may be hand drawn, but must be neatly presented. All elements of each graph should be fully labeled.

  1. The legislature passes a 10 percent investment tax credit. Under this program, for every $100 that a firm spends on new capital equipment, it receives an extra $10 in tax refunds from the government.
  2. A reduction in military spending moves the government’s budget from deficit into surplus.
  3. A new generation of computer-controlled machines becomes available. These machines produce manufactured goods much more quickly and with fewer defects.
  4. The government raised its tax on corporate profits. Other tax changes are also made, such that the government’s deficit remains unchanged.
  5. Concerns about job security raise precautionary saving.
  6. New environmental regulations increase firms’ costs of operating capital.

Response Parameters

  • typed, double spaced, and use 12-point font
  • focus on clear, concise, complete answers

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