read the readings then write a journal

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Write the story of your schooling experience within the context of the concepts presented in the four articles. Your narrative must address the following: a. What do you consider to be the “funds of knowledge” of your family and/or community?

How did these “funds of knowledge” help you build and activate capital to support your academic and personal growth?

§ The Rios-Aguilar et al. (2011) article can provide helpful examples for this question. b. What type of social capital did you access while in school, and how did you access and use that social capital? § The articles by Cammarota et al. (2012) and Oseguera et al. (2011) can provide helpful examples for this question. c. How do your experiences relate to Carter’s (2006) concepts of “cultural mainstreamers,” “noncompliant believers,” and “cultural straddlers”? § Do you think that these three categories are too limiting? Why, or why not? d. Be sure to integrate all four readings into your narrative.

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