Rape Social Science Discussion

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1) When talking about rape, we often hear the words victim and survivor. What connotations do think/feel come with each word?

2)What was the most surprising part of this exercise?

3)Think about the experiences as a Character vs. Shadow.

a) How did you feel in the role you played?

b) How did you interpret your role?

4)What was the most hurtful/uncomfortable/unbelievable part of your character’s experience?

5) What is your take away from this exercise?

The following is the assignment you will do if you were absent or could not complete the WALK.

Home – Ampersand Sexual Violence Resources Center of the Bluegrass (ampersandky.org)

Ampersand and Walk-the-Walk

Explain what Ampersand does for each of the following:

1) Survivors

2) 24/7 Support Line

3) Counseling & Therapy

4) Medical & Legal Advocacy

5) Prevention Education


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