Ranking for Mathematician

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Format for Mathematician Rankin a list 4 paragraphs in total.

List of Matematician

  • Name of highest ranked mathematician
  • Name of second highest ranked mathematician
  • Name of third highest ranked mathematician                     
  •  Introduction – one paragraph explaining what makes a mathematician’s contributions important to you and the world.

    Body – Three paragraphs, , one for each mathematician, explaining how the mathematician’s contributions met your criteria.

  • Conclusion – One paragraph comparing your previously assigned mathematician 1 to the mathematicians you chose as the top three. Explain whether your assigned mathematician 1 meets your criteria for inclusion 1 in the top three and if included,where in the top three your assigned mathematician would rank.
  • Here the three Matematicians for this work :
  • Mary Fairfax Somerville

    1780 in Jedburgh, Scotland

    1872 in Italy

    80 years old at the time of death.

    Mary is one of the few and outstanding female mathematicians
    that existed in Europe in the 19th century. The scholar was a
    mathematician, philosopher and geographer who worked and associated with the
    leading scientists and mathematicians of her time (O’Connor, & Robertson,
    1999a). Her friends included Charles Babbage, Poisson and William Herschel.

    Among Mary’s notable accomplishments was her
    translation and explanation of Laplace‘s
    Mécanique Céleste (O’Connor, & Robertson, 1999a). The work
    was unfamiliar with most of the mathematicians of the time from Britain. She
    also published books that include The connection of the physical sciences and
    also Physical geography, which was used up to the beginning of the 20th
    century in universities and colleges.


    O’Connor, J. J., & Robertson, E. F. (1999a). Mary
    Fairfax Greig Somerville. Retrieved February 02, 2016, from

  • Evelyn Boyd Granville

    Born: May 1, 1924

    Passed: Presently still alive

    Approximate age: 92

    Granville was the second African-American woman to ever get a Ph.D in
    mathematics, after graduating she became a professor of mathematics at Fisk
    University. She left teaching to work for the National Bureau of Standards in
    Washington, D.C., she worked on the development of missiles. After she went to
    work for IBM when IBM stated to work with NASA, working with computer software
    on projects like Vanguard and Mercury space programs. After working with IBM
    and NASA for a little over 10 years she returned to teaching mathematics and
    computer science.


    Iography.com Editors. (n.d.). Evelyn Boyd Granville Biography. Retrieved
    February 21, 2016, from

  • Sophie Germain

    Born: April 1st 1776 in France

    Died: June 27th 1831 in France

    Approximate age of death 60

    Sophie was a woman in the revolutionary time
    period where woman were expected to do house work and not have interests in
    mathematics. She first started her obsession when she was a teenager and she
    read a book about a man killing a soldier over a geometric shape. Her parents
    went through extraordinary measurements to stop her but she prevailed. Sophie
    taught herself calculus without a teacher, among many other topics.

    In 1804 she started writing to another
    mathematician and she disguised herself as a man while they conversed over
    numbers theories. This man was so intrigued when he found out that he had been
    speaking to a brilliant woman all along. She tried and tried for years to win
    an award for her works in elasticity but fell short every time. Before she
    could receive her Honorary Degree she died from breast cancer.


    “Euclid of Alexandria.” Euclid
    . Web. 01 Feb. 2016. <http://www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk/Biographies/Biographies/Euclid.html>.


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