Racism Sociology essay paper

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You will be given two possible essay topics to write about. You have to
choose one of them. The two possibilities are:

1. In class on Friday, I showed a slide that said, “The way to get rid
of racism is to stop talking about it.” Do you agree or disagree? Why?
Provide reasons for your agreement or disagreement.

2. On Wednesday during class, I administered a racial privilege quiz.
The point of the quiz was to identify people with racial advantage and
disadvantage. This quiz was like a diagnostic. It was meant to determine
if, in your everyday life, you have signs and symptoms of racial
advantage or disadvantage. What score did you receive on the quiz? Do
you think that score accurately represents the forms of racial advantage
and/or disadvantage you experience in your daily life? Why or why not?

This essay must be between 500-600 words


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