Questions in two-part

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Choose one of the questions below and write a one or two-paragraph response.

1) What were the most challenging aspects of constructing a comparison contrast essay? Consider any of the following:

the goal of the assignment

the task of relating your subject matter to the structure

the discovery of criteria

deciding from among criteria which ones would best work for your analysis

the growth toward a thesis (did you have a working thesis that changed?)

If so, was the change structural in terms of revising and tightening the expression?

Or was the change in terms of meaning, so that you felt your perspective change?

2) In the end, what determined your position on the issue:

your initial perception (and was that because you were “right” in the first place?

your encounter with a new idea or ideas colliding with each other?

something else?

3) In the end, would an audience increase its understanding of the two items you wrote about by considering your argument about their relatedness? Why or why not?

Part 2

Write two formal definitions based on the structure described in Burke’s “What is the Meaning of X?”. You might make them serious or comical, or try one of each. However, try to keep the criteria close, so that some old Diogenes cannot hand you a plucked chicken and scoff, “there’s your human.” For your formal definition be sure to follow the term, class, differentiae (distinguishing characteristics) structure and to have at least one distinguishing characteristic for the definition.

Note: I will prove the essay of part 1 to help u making easy respond and link for part 2 may help

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