questions about shakespeare

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1. Shakespeare is frequently called the greatest writer in the English language. Based on what you know about him through our posts and this chapter, make a case for whether or not he does deserve this honor. Use specific examples, personal insight and experience, and outside quotes to support this case.

2. Both Oedipus and Medea are considered superb examples of tragedy; even though they have in common the survival of the main character, they are vastly different. Explore these differences, explain why each is a tragedy, and choose one to defend as more effective, even if you just choose the one that resonates more profoundly with you as a reader.

3. What is hubris and, according to Aristotle, how does it contribute to audience identification?

4. Focusing on the final pages of this chapter (207-208), consider this questions about Death of a Salesman: The play has often been described as a commentary on The American Dream. What do you think Miller is trying to say, and do you agree? Why or why not?

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