quality management 21

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

http://www.iso.ch/ International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Explore the free readings relating to overviews and demystifying the standard (ISO 9001).

Conduct research on the development of the ISO9001 standard to answer the following:

  • How has the standard developed since its inception in Europe?
  • • What are some of the strengths of obtaining ISO registration for helping an organization and its quality program?
  • • What are some of the weaknesses and challenges of ISO registration for the organization?
  • • What are the challenges for organizations that may use ISO9000 registration alone as a basis their supplier selection process?
  • • Select any one of the related standards (i.e. AS9100/aerospace standard) and describe the primary differences with ISO9001.
  • Your submission should be completed by developing a 3-4 page paper addressing all of the requirements of the assignment.


    APA format

    i wanted word document to be submitted to me in questions and answers format.

    4 pages word document.

    0% plagiarism

    paper should have 5 peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

    Paragraph in-text citation (each paragraph need to be cited)

    100% quality work needed


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