public key infrastructure pki cryptography

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Primary Task Response:

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a combination of software, hardware, and policies used to secure communications over an insecure medium. PKI can also provide a system that allows validation of credentials, known as digital signatures, that are the cornerstone of the system.

  • Please explain the PKI process and identify the PKI structure to include the major roles.
  • As it relates to certificates in the real world, what is X.509 and why is it important?
  • What are some issues that we should be aware of when building and using PKI Infrastructure?

Peer Response(s):

Two peer responses should be provided discussing about some additional information about the same topic PKI.

Primary Response – 300 words

1st Peer Response – 100 words

2nd Peer Response – 100 words

Include references and sources. No Plagiarism.

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