psychology assignment 24

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Please do not bid unless you have the text Essentials of Testing & Assessment 2nd edition Edward S. Neukrug/ R. Charles Fawcett

Objective 1: Outline the historical evolution of testing and assessment from ancient history to the modern age.

Assessments used today have evolved through centuries of development ranging from defining testing to the use of both formal and informal assessments. The pioneers of assessment had to rely on trial and error and their own observations to assist in determining the problems their patients were experiencing. As they found commonalities of certain traits and disorders, they were able to create the initial, standardized assessment instruments. A test can be as simple as challenging another individual to a contest but can be as complex as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-II (MMPI-II) which identifies personality structure and psychopathology. The instruments used today give us a structured approach to assessing different behaviors, traits, competencies, and abnormalities that in turn support the diagnostic process.

Learning Activity #3: History of Testing and Assessment Paper

Read Chapter 1 of your Neukrug and Fawcett textbook and write a 2-3 page summary paper on the history of testing and assessment.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed.

  • Three major events in relation to testing and assessment in ancient history.
  • Three major contributors to testing and assessment from the early 1800s and their contributions.
  • One major contributor to testing and assessment from the mid-1800s and his or her contribution.
  • Three major contributors to testing and assessment from the late 1800s and their contributions.
  • Two major contributors to ability testing and their contributions.
  • Four major contributors to personality testing and their contributions.
  • Four current uses for assessments.
  • Provide at least two sources. Citations to the dictionary should be provided on top of the required two sources. The Bible should not be listed in the References page, but does have to be cited in-text.
  • Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in the syllabus to ensure you have met all of the criteria.

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