psychology adolescence

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According to Erik Erikson, adolescence is a particularly turbulent time in life because of the struggle to establish a secure identity. Establishing a secure identity is the primary function of the ego. Identity is an inner sense of who we are, or what makes us unique, a sense of continuity over time and a feeling of wholeness. For this assignment, I would like you to consider some of the things that teenagers do that might be interpreted as indicating a struggle to establish identity. Discuss at least 3 things that might be indicative of such a struggle and explain why this might represent a struggle to establish identity. Be sure to cite sources to support your points.

Next, apply the theory to your own adolescent development. Discuss your own struggles with establishing identity (some of you are likely still negotiating this phase of development) and how they map on to some of the concepts discussed by Erikson. You should be specific in the application of the concepts (i.e., identify the specific concept and identify how it applies) and cite sources to support your points. 

Last, discuss which specific stage of Erikson’s model you feel has been the most significant to the development of your ego thus far in your development and provide rationale to support this position.

Your homework should be at least 3 pages double-spaced and must include in-text citations using APA style to support your points. You may use your textbook as your primary source, but are welcome to use outside sources as well.

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