Provide photographs of five (5) different cloud forms. Complete the table below for each of your photographs while adhering the following constraints: You must have taken these pictures, and you must

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Provide photographs of five (5) different cloud forms. Complete the table below for each of your photographs while adhering the following constraints:

  1. You must have taken these pictures, and you must be able to prove this. Use of the same photograph by more than one student, or use of a photograph that you cannot prove to be your own (e.g., one obtained via the Internet), will be considered an inappropriate display of academic integrity. The consequences of such inappropriate displays of academic integrity can be quite serious.
  2. Along with the picture, you must be able to provide the weather conditions (please see the table below) for the day the picture was taken, as well as the classification of the cloud you photographed. (A screenshot from a weather app, at the time and place where you took your photograph, would be ideal!)
  3. All digital photographs should be able to date information – either directly on the photograph itself or indirectly via the photograph’s metadata. (Metadata is data about data. In this case, it is possible to extract data about a digital photograph that states items such as the date, camera make and model, etc. You are not required to submit metadata for your photographs.)
  4. All photographs must convey a sense of perspective (e.g., include building, tree, field, etc.) to allow for size and distance approximations.(Please avoid use of selfies, as personally identifiable information must not be included in your photographs.)
  5. You may substitute for one cloud form with a picture that captures a fog or optical effects in Earth’s atmosphere. Examples include rainbows, sundogs, halos, mirages, etc. Anything related to the content in the section on “Atmospheric Optics” is acceptable. Pollution-induced optical effects are also acceptable – anything related to the content in the section on “Air Pollution” is acceptable.

Picture #Cloud Classification (according to Abercromby and Hildebrandsson’s scheme) Cloud Label (e.g, Cb)  Cloud Symbol Date of Photograph Location of Photograph (including Elevation) Scale (relative vs. absolute)  Temperature & Dew Point  Cloud Base Estimate (Relative to MSL) General Weather Conditions Identifying (Distinctive) Features Used to Classify the Cloud

Observational data required in support of each picture depicting a separate cloud for classification.

For one of your photographs, provide a concept sketch. Your concept sketch should include:

  • Feature identification – with an emphasis on clouds, or aspects of clouds
  • Process depiction – with an emphasis of those relating to clouds
  • Relationship characterization – between features and processes

A minimum of two features and two processes are required.

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