provide 4 interesting insights from chapter 16 of organizational behavior by stephen p robbins

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i need 4 interesting insights from chapter 16 from the book “organizational behavior by stephen p robbins and timothy a judge. also a couple interesting insights from 2 other sources that relate to the chapter. i also need a powerpoint presentation to go along with a word document with everything written down

– the group providing a brief summary of the most 3-4 interesting insights from each chapter scheduled for the week they are to do this activity. Each group member can be responsible for a specific reading. It is up to the group to plan the logistics, though as a group, you must have covered all the chapters for a week when you complete this activity.

Part 2 – providing additional information over and beyond what are on the chapters. Additional information include what you have found outside the assigned readings, such as that on HBR/ MIT Sloan Review, or a reputed source that publishes latest practical tips or research, journal articles, books you read, a movie, etc. These supplementary information must add new, practical information and should not be what is already on the chapters. You must clearly articulate how this novel information could be applicable in our work life as a leader/manager.

The group must decide how to present the information (i.e, who is in charge of each chapter). Each individual gets about 4 minutes max. to do the presentation. Thus, a team of 3 individuals can expect to receive a max of 12 minutes. There may be some changes to this time limit depending on the final enrollment in this course and the number of students in each group. Each presentation is timed and you will be requested to wrap up at the end of this pre-announced time.

Each group member must upload the summary of interesting/insightful information from the chapter(s) they are responsible for and the supplementary information they have found on Moodle. The deadline is by 11.59pm on the day preceding the session they are supposed to do this activity.

This written assignment must be in full sentences, and following all requirements of a written assignment detailed on this syllabus. You must also provide the source(s) of the additional information you found from accessing external resources. Information provided without the source will not be graded.

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