professional organizations and conferences

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This assignment has two (2) parts. You need to complete both parts. You may write this assignment in a question and answer format.

Professional Organizations – Part 1

Pick two (2) EMS professional organizations from either the list provided or from what you find on your own on the internet. For each organization answer the following questions:

1- What is the name of the organization?

2- What are the different membership levels and how much does it cost to join each level?

3- What is the purpose/mission/vision of the organization?

4- What conferences/symposiums does this organization provide or participate in, if any? When and where is the next one?

5- What resources does this organization provide for its members? List 3-5 resources or all they provide if less then 3.

6- Why or why not would you join this organization?

Professional organization suggestions

NAEMT: national association of EMTs

EMS associates

UAEMT: Utah association of EMTs

NAEMSE: National Association of EMS educators

IAPE: International Association of EMTs and Paramedics

NASEMSO: National Association of State EMS officials

NEMSMA: National EMS Management Association

Conferences – Part 2

You will need to find information on three (3) EMS conferences. Two of those conferences need to be national/international and one needs to be local (in Utah). You will then answer the following questions for each conference:

1- What is the name of the Conference?

2- What organization(s) sponsor this conference?

3- Who is the target audience for this conference?

4- How much does it cost to attend the full conference?

5- Do they offer in pre/post conference options?

6- Are you able to get CME from this conference?

7- Would this conference meet your needs as an EMS professional? Why or Why not?

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