Primate Classification Systems Essay

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While one of the above systems is arguably more informative than the other, each of these schemes is applicable in different contexts. Explain how each classification model can be useful in different discussions or with different audiences (academic versus “lay” audiences). To illustrate the distinction, use the two broadest primate classification schemes we discussed in lecture (strepsirrhines/haplorrhines and prosimians/anthropoids) to highlight the use of grades and clades in different contexts. Recall that these two schemes encompass the same species but classify them differently (clades versus grades).

Be sure to include:

-The context in which each scheme is best applied

-General (morphological and/or adaptive) definitions of the taxonomic/phylogenetic groups above

-How these groups overlap in both classification models (highlight the tarsier)

Any cladistic discussion needs to include the morphological characteristics that aid in phylogenetic classification.

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