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Title: “Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on Arctic Marine Mammals: A Comprehensive Literature Review”

 Presentation Overview: my paper will delve into the extensive literature surrounding the effects of climate change on Arctic marine mammals. It will examine shifts in distribution, behavior, and population dynamics in response to warming Arctic conditions, with a focus on species such as polar bears, walruses, and Arctic seals.



You here speaking!



What is the midterm presentation

It is a review of a relevant/important topic in marine mammal biology and conservation

You have to review at least 8-10 papers (more is encouraged), not a single paper

Review: synthesis and critical examination of the literature

Your presentation summarizes the topic

Do not plagiarize!

Background and context

Why an important subject?

Broad impact statement

Examples: fisheries bycatch, climate change, manatee conservation in Florida, diving physiology of deep diving whales, impact of mercury contamination on endocrine system, etc.

You here speaking!


Your audience may not be familiar with the subject

Provide definitions?

Baseline information on your topic

Use illustrations

You here speaking!

Core of presentation

Several slides (5-8)… this is the core of your presentation

Review what we know

Your subject might be vast! Use examples and case studies

Cite your references (e.g. Kiszka et al. 2015, Smith 1985, John and Stewart 2020). This are (in text or “in presentation” references)

You here speaking!

Core of presentation

Use illustrations and numbers! After all, this is a scientific presentation! Use graphs that you will have to describe (don’t provide a graph if you describe it…)

Don’t be too general and vague… show that you know your topic/subject!

You here speaking!

Conclusions and perspectives

Conclude but use the literature to do it

In Science, opinions do not really matter, facts do!

So what? What’s next?

Recommendations for research?

You here speaking!


Just provide a slide with your references… can be small

Use one format and be consistent

References should include: author(s) names and initials, year of publication, title, journal, issue number, page references… nothing else

Kiszka, J., Caputo, M., Méndez-Fernandez, P. & Fielding, R., 2021. Feeding ecology of elusive Caribbean killer whales inferred from Bayesian stable isotope mixing models and whalers’ ecological knowledge. Frontiers in Marine Science, 8: 648421.

Caputo, M., Elwen, S., Kohler, S., Gridley, T., Roux, J.-P., Froneman, W. & Kiszka, J., 2021. Dietary plasticity of two coastal dolphin species in the Benguela upwelling ecosystem. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 669: 227-240.










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