Post should be a minimum of 300words (APA format)

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Before responding to the questions below, click on and watch the full the “video” link on the left about Memory .

great deal of controversy has surrounded the phenomenon of “false
memory syndrome” and the implications that it has had in our society,
particularly in the legal realm. One of the most influential
psychologists in the area of memory and eye witness testimony is Dr.
Elizabeth Loftus, who has spent three decades as a research psychologist
and memory expert in legal cases. To learn more about the controversy
surrounding “false memory syndrome,” visit the online LA Weekly website
at to read the article, “Memory and Manipulation.”

Based on the points that the Loftus article brings up and your readings and research this week respond to the following:

kind of implications do particular limitations of human memory have on
the use of eye-witness testimony in criminal and civil court cases?

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