plsease answers according to instructions below 1

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Please read the assigned textbook chapter for Week 3 (see in a attachment)

Please consider Eric Erickson 8 principal theory on you tube

Week 3 power point in attachment

Maria case study in attachment

2. Review the PowerPoint presentation in the Week 3 folder.

3. Review brief video presentations on the psychological, behavioral, and social theories of human development in the Week 3 folder.

4. Review Maria’s case study in the Week 3 folder (we have started to work with this case study in the week 2 class).

5. Apply one theory, presented in week 3 folder, on Maria’s case study

take Erik Erikson’s developmental theory.

6. In your theory application, focus on the following: a) demonstrate the application of at least one core concept in this theory, b) how does the selected theory help you to understand Maria’s case, and c) what does this theory fail to explain in Maria’s case?

7. What question can you share with your classmates that you need to be answered as it relates to your application exercise?

8. Please submit your post of maximum 300 words to the Week 3 Online Discussions forum on our Discussion Board by the midnight of September 27

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