please watch the film and write about it.

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To get up to 3 extra points, you need to write a one-page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1” margins all around) evaluation of a documentary/film on the topic that pertains to this class. Write ONLY your name in the header. You will not be penalized, if you go over one page but you will get points docked for not writing one full page. You can pick any documentary posted on BBL under Course Videos/Films, except all short video clips we watched in class as part of instruction and all those documentaries we already had an in-class assignment on. There are some documentaries posted on BBL we did not watch in class and you are free to use those for this extra credit assignment. Follow these instructions:

  1. The first paragraph should be descriptive of the film/documentary and include the main points/arguments. What is the author trying to argue? What important points is he/she trying to convey to the audience?
  2. Second paragraph needs to connect the things you learned in class (i.e. information, concepts, and ideas gained in class lectures, discussions, and readings) to the main concepts/points of the film. How are issues raised in the film/documentary related to our class discussions, topics, and readings?
  3. Third paragraph should be reflective. Here you need to reflect on how are the issues raised in the film/documentary related to your own life and the lives of people living around you?
  4. This is the documentary Reel Injun

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