plan of action 1

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First Steps:

  • After reflecting on the research, your skill level, and the impressions of an observer, you will develop a plan of action for mindful practice. Think about the changes or behaviors you will need to practice to become effective at this skill.

Assignment Directions:

In the textbox below or a separate word processing document answer the following questions:

  1. State the specific interpersonal skill you are working on in this project.
    • If it helps, use the following format: I want to improve my ability to ________________________ (what you want to accomplish) in these situations____________________________ (list the situations) so that ___________________________________________ (final outcome).
  2. Describe the problem you are currently facing with this skill. Give a specific example of your current typical behavior in this situation.
  3. Explain your plan of action for practicing this skill.
    • List at least 5 or more very specific ways that you will do this.
    • Include a behavioral change (something that you can actually do),
    • a monitoring method (some way you can keep track of your actions)
    • a method of gaining outside feedback (from asking a friend, family member, etc. for information about how well you are doing with this skill — you decide how to do this).
  4. How will you know when the goal is achieved? What will it look like? How will it feel? etc.

Additional Information

  • Your answers should be thoughtful and thorough. The complete assignment should be 1-2 pages in length (double-spaced).
  • Please proofread to make sure you’ve met the assignment criteria and corrected grammar/spelling errors before submitting your assignment.

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