Pitt Community College Time Management Discussion

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Refer to the Wheel of Life Diagram on Moodle to complete this discussion forum

Wheel of Life--Use with Discussion 8

Completing teacher licensure program course work and student teaching experience can be a juggling act when you take into consideration all of the other things going in in your life.  Think about the different areas of your life that you see below, focusing about how satisfied you are with them right now. Each segment has a scale from 0-10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The scale represents your satisfaction right now with each area of your life. Mark out your score in each section by placing a mark along the relevant score line. When you have completed all segments, join up all your markings, with a curved line, and you will see a representation of your current life balance as your wheel of life.


This wheel represents your life as a whole system, with all segments having an impact upon the other areas of your life, for example if you are too focused on one area of your life you may neglect others. The rounder the wheel, the more balanced, healthy and fulfilled your life is. Take a moment to think of any dreams and goals that you have for yourself and notice how your wheel currently compares.


What areas do you feel a sense of balance in? What areas of your life do you need to focus more energy on? What are things you can do now to have a more balance life before you start in your teacher licensure program so that you have developed better habits when you start student teaching.  Discuss challenges and how ideas to overcome these.


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