PHA 6852 University of Florida Molecular Biology Questions

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  • Using any means of research available (texts, online, etc), briefly explain how defects in mitochondrial function may contribute to development and progression of cancer [3]
  • Locate and read the following article, then answer the related questions: Keller ET, Fu Z, Yeung K, Brennan M. (2004).
    Raf kinase inhibitor protein: a prostate cancer metastasis suppressor gene. Cancer Lett, 207(2): 131-137.
  • What strategy ensures that passage through the cell cycle is unidirectional and irreversible? What mechanism underlies this strategy? [3]
  • What is the wee phenotype? What mistiming of the cell cycle does it reflect? What protein activities can cause this phenotype? [3]
  • What are the mechanisms that regulate the distribution of the correct number of “normal” chromosomes to daughter
    cells? [3]
  • Describe how the phosphorylation state of proteins regulates passage through critical points in the cell cycle [3]
  • How might overexpression of cyclin D1 foster loss of cell cycle control? [2]
  • Explain the significance of telomerase expression in cancer cells [2]
  • Myc activation in quiescent cells is sufficient to induce cell cycle entry in the absence of growth factors – T / F [1]
  • What protein is encoded by the SIS oncogene, and why might this product be of particular interest to those studying promotion of cell growth? [2]
  • Briefly describe the difference between carcinomas and sarcomas [2]
  • According to the Hanahan and Weinberg paper:
  • In its inactive state, RKIP is (unphosphorylated / phosphorylated) and binds to activated Raf, inhibiting its
    ability to (activate / inactivate) MEK [2]
  • List the two main mediators of stress-induced apoptosis in cancer cells after treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs [2]
  • What are the 6 acquired capabilities of cancer? [1]
  • How are growth inhibitory signals received by the normal cell? [1]
  • What term is used to describe the growth of new blood vessels? [1]
  • What is the effect of damage to or loss of activity of CAMs? [1]
  • What specifically are cytokines? [2]
  • Through what mechanism does p53 initiate apoptosis? [2]
  • What are early response genes and delayed response genes? [2]
  • How, generally, do retroviruses cause cancer? [2]

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