Personality Development Discussion

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please respond to christina with 200 words :

1. According to Martin and Fabes, “Erikson argued that during development, individuals go through a series of eight psychosocial crises that reflect a struggle between two conflicting personality characteristics. These crises represent critical periods in personality development and in social/emotional development” (Martin and Fabes pg. 35). This is critical in child development because it represents when infants experience trust vs. mistrust. This is commonly known as Erikson’s psychological theory. There are many threats that could affect a fetus while still in the mother’s womb. Some of these threats include diseases, drugs, environmental hazards and maternal conditions. All these said threats influence pregnancy and prenatal development. This particular concept is extremely important because it is critical to know what affects pregnancy and prenatal development so that way the mother is knowledgeable in what to do and what to avoid during pregnancy.
According to Martin and Fabes, “researchers have found that two influences are particularly important: 1. the sensitivity of the caregiver and 2. characteristics of the child” (Martin and Fabes pg. 225). In other words, when a caregiver is sensitive and response correctly to the infant’s signals, the infants then becomes securely attached. In addition, when the caregiver in insensitive and doesn’t response correctly to the infant’s signals, an insecure attachment is then formed with the infant. Caregiver and child factors that affect attachment is important to know when caring for an infant. It is important to know the correct signals and to respond to them correctly.

2. I selected these three concepts because I believe these are some important key points in a child’s development. I also believe these are key points that are often over looked or taken for granted. For example, infants and attachment. Some people think all you have to do is change, feed, and burp a baby, but there is so much more to that.


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