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Choose any two or one of the following course concepts and discuss how they apply to experiences of Muslim youth presented in Bayomi’s text. You are expected to choose one story from Bayomi’s book for your paper.

  • Double-Consciousness
  • Orientalism
  • Marked Identity
  • Othering/Other
  • The personal is political
  • Stereotypes/representation/discourse
  • Ideological Shield
  • Context
  • Moral Politics
  • (or any other concept that hasn’t been mentioned here but you think is important)

Requirements: The paper should be minimum four pages in length and double-spaced.


Total Points: 100

Introduction – 15 points

The introduction should include the main goals of your paper. Introduce the reader to what they should expect as they read your paper. You may also start with a thesis statement. Clearly state which two concepts you will be utilizing in your paper to discuss the experiences of Arab youth in the US. Also clearly state which story (Bayoumi’s book) you have chosen to discuss in your paper.

Section on Experience – 35 points

Discuss the importance of being familiar with someone’s experience/story. What is the significance and usefulness of story-telling as a methodological tool? What are Bayoumi’s arguments in this regard?

Concepts – 35 Points

Define the concepts you choose. You must provide precise sociological/academic definitions with relevant citations from the required readings. Why are these concepts essential for understanding the particular story/experience that you have chosen to write about? Apply these concepts to the story that is the focus of your paper. In your application of the concepts, please provide examples and use quotes to substantiate your arguments. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) You must demonstrate that you have read all the materials that you cite.

Conclusion – 15 Points

Summarize your paper in a paragraph. For instance, what did you aim to accomplish in your paper and what is your conclusion based on the concepts you applied?

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