PCN 605 Grand Canyon University Determining a Diagnosis Tina Case Study

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Using the case study of “Tina,” write a 500-750-word essay in which you examine your thought process about her presenting issues. Please understand the thought processes should represent that of a professional counselor and thoughts should be articulated in the appropriate vernacular. The paper should include an introduction and conclusion. 

Include the following in your paper:

  1. Discuss      the historic and cross-cultural perspectives of psychopathology that may      impact the diagnosis and treatment of Tina.
  2. After      reviewing the diagnoses that could pertain to Tina from the DSM-5,      discuss your diagnostic impression.
  3. Provide      evidence for your diagnostic impression with appropriate criteria from      the DSM-5.
  4. Discuss      how historic misconceptions of mental illness could potentially impact the      treatment of this client (e.g., treatment course, client referrals).

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