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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

When deciphering between the meanings of procreation and reproduction, one has to understand the difference between the two. The definition of reproduction merely means turning out new humans by one means or another. It doesn’t refer to the two people being partners or united in any way. On the other hand, procreation is the loving act by which posterity is generated. It refers to conceiving children in the embrace of their father and mother with the intent to forming a family.

In the reading from Meilaender’s Bioethics: A Primer for Christians, it is said, “Like most religions, Christianity has a text. The Bible reveals God’s intentions and desires of and for the human race, provides insights and commands for a moral life that is faithful to God” (Meilaender, 2013). It continues to say, “The locus of Christian ethics, then, begins with the story of God’s magnificent grace which entered and continues to enter multiple cultures in which humankind “live[s], and move[s], and have [their] beings” (Acts 17: 28). This refers to the acceptance of mankind to procreation in the intent of creating their future offspring and frowning upon reproduction. I do not agree with Meilaender’s opinion. I think that due to the very different circumstances of each individual, that there is no correct answer on what should work for everyone. When it comes to same sex partners who what to create a family, they should not be looked down upon in God’s eyes due to not having any other choice but to reproduce their offspring with the help of science or another willing human to donate their sperm, ovary or use of their uterus to help create them the family they yearn for.

Begotten versus being made is a touchy subject for many. Traditionally, we and all the other inhabitants of the earth produce our offspring the traditional begotten way. But sometimes, we call on science when the traditional way is not working for us for whatever reason. We have created sperm banks, in-vitro and other petri-dish way of “being made”. It opened so many doors for scientists to start thinking about how far can they push and manipulate genetics through sperm banks and cloning. Clearly, the desire to have a child is one of the most fundamental human drives (Kanes, 2008). Why should anyone judge another person for using any of these “being made” reproduction tactics when those using it are just as qualified and entitled to creating a family as the next. In todays world, we have to think about those same sex couples who can never proliferate without the help of technology.


Kanes, F. (2008). Begotten, Not Made: The Dangers of Reproductive Technology. Southern Methodist University Press. Retrieved from

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