outline that use we did topic before

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Bring your typed “rough draft” of Informative speech (including at least three cited scholarly sources) *must be typed and follow outline format to receive credit.

Must be typed

Must follow standard outline format

Must include at least three scholarly sources in outline and bibliography

“Here are the questions about effect of divorce on children:”(-use these infor we did last time )

  1. Which of the following is the right time for parents to tell their children about an impending divorce?
    1. When they ask
    2. Immediately after deciding the divorce
    3. When the parents are sure about the divorce and have enough information to answer questions
    4. Hold it till the last minute for their safety
  1. How should parents approach the children about the divorce to lessen its immediate impact on their lives?
  1. Politely
  2. By blaming the other parent
  3. By addressing the issue as it is
  4. By assuring the children that the divorce will not affect child-parent relationship
  1. Which one is the least likely long-term impact of the divorce on the children lives?
  1. Hate towards one of the parent
  2. Poor living standards
  3. Hate towards the children by the parents
  4. Low self-esteem

__________________________________________that would work for your informative topic–however, it might work better as a persuasive topic because it focuses on a problem. You might want to use that for your persuasive speech and choose another topic for your informative speech.

– that’s what the teacher told me so I was thinking a topic better then this one but similar


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