othello play

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In Othello, we learn a great deal about Iago from his soliloquies (when he is alone and speaks to himself or to the audience). In this paper you will:
1) Introduce Iago’s character and form a thesis that relates to Iago’s overall understanding of himself and his actions,
2) Select and discuss three DIFFERENT soliloquies (in different scenes from the play), and discuss what they tell the audience about Iago, and
3) Support your thesis throughout your paper with references to particular scenes and lines from the play and your scholarly resources.
For this assignment, you will need to consult 1or 2 scholarly sources obtained through scholarly databases (i.e., EBSCO, ProQuest, etc.) from the Bethel library site, in addition to providing an analysis of the speeches. Be sure to include parenthetical in-text citations and an APA Reference page.

Please write a well-organized essay of at least 5 paragraph that includes an introductory paragraph that introduces the play in a few sentences, provides a brief background and context (1-2 sentences) for who Iago is as a character, and ends with a strong, clear thesis (last sentence of the introduction paragraph) that relates to the prompt (it should relate what we learn about Iago from his 3 soliloquies you selected and how that relates to Iago’s overall understanding of himself and his actions).

Also include three (3) well-developed body paragraphs (3 body paragraphs – one for each soliloquy)
Each paragraph should introduce and analyze one of the three chosen soliloquies. Discuss what the audience learns about Iago from his soliloquy, and how it relates to Iago’s overall understanding of himself and his actions. Incorporate direct quotes/lines from the play to support your point (include in-text citations with act, scene, and line numbers). Incorporate direct quotes/lines from the scholarly source(s) to support your point (with parenthetical in-text citations).

End your paper with a Conclusion paragraph which wraps up the discussion and ties it all together, while examining the “bigger” picture or contextualizes the discussion in broader terms.

Make sure that your paper is at least 5 paragraphs/two-pages and double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times Roman font. Cite lines from the play as direct quotes (include in-text citations with Act, Scene, and Line). Include a Reference page with the textbook listed as your source in addition to the scholarly article(s). The paper should be written in the third person point of view (avoid the use of the first and second person in all formal writing assignments for this course


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