Origins of Sociology & the 3 Theoretical Perspectives

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Origins of Sociology

& the 3 Theoretical Perspectives

In a paper ranging from 6 – 8 Full Pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages, briefly describe the 4 factors that contributed to the emergence of Sociology as a discipline. When mentioning the Man credited as being the ‘Father of Sociology’, remember to state the reason why he is credited with such a prestigious honor.

The next section of your paper will describe the 3 main theoretical perspectives in Sociology. In order to receive an A on this paper, a full explanation of each perspective includes: discussion of the fundamental views, level of analysis, 1 or 2 theorist, & 3 concepts – in order to demonstrate comprehension, you must use examples when discussing the concepts.

In regards to formatting, you must utilize the APA format, which can be found on CANVAS. The only source used in this paper is the textbook, Essentials of Sociology by James Henslin.

When it comes to grammar: the basics you must always have in your papers are; 5-7 sentence paragraphs, transition sentences and topic sentences. Grammar Mistakes to avoid are: short sentences, run on sentences, informal language, and incomplete sentences.

To achieve the max points on the paper, you must address each column, from left to right. For example, with Symbolic interaction, if you only discuss the level of analysis, 2 theorist and general outlook of society, the max you can receive for that section is 18 points. To get to the 25 points, you would need to include 3 concepts, with examples.…

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