Ohio University Generalizations and Perceptions in Societal Conflicts Essay

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For Analytical Essay 2 we will write a comparative analysis of two TED-Ed lessons (Links to an external site.) of our choice. We will write about two lessons from any series on the website. We do not use first-person singular (“I/me”) but might use the collective “we.” As the paper is a comparative analysis of two TED-Ed lessons, we will not present other sources other than the lessons.


The paper analyzes what common “big lesson” we can learn from watching two lessons. The thesis will establish an analytical connection between two TED-Ed lessons (and not an obvious connection like “they’re both about cats”). As a comparative analysis of two lessons, we can examine how well the lessons’ authors teach the concepts and how the different lessons fit together to make a complete picture.

Research requirement:

Research should not be conducted and no source should be cited other than TED-Ed lessons.

Intended audience:

Let’s assume our readers are familiar with TED-Ed but will not know which specific lessons are being written about. They want to learn about a connection we’ve found between the two lessons.

Key performance criteria:

  • We meet the basic assignment requirements.
  • We address the assigned intended audience.
  • The essay is about two TED-Ed lessons.
  • The thesis establishes an analytical connection between two lessons.
  • We support the thesis with details and examples from the lessons.
  • We refrain from personal reflection.
  • We refrain from summarizing without analyzing.
  • We refrain from presenting outside sources.

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