Occupational Safety Health Administration Inspection Process Powerpoint

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Imagine you have a friend who is starting a small business. She knows you have experience working as a safety director for Company XYZ and that you have knowledge of the OSHA inspection process. She wants to learn more about the inspection process, including potential criminal charges for violations. She has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation for her that she can refer to as a guide for understanding the process. 

Include the following information in your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Summarize the type of business she will be starting (you can select a business type from any industry).
  • Explain the OSH Act and the framework used to ensure safety and healthful working conditions. 
  • Summarize an inspection process for the business. 
  • Explain what rights the employees will have regarding workplace safety. 
  • Provide an example of one violation that could occur in her business and the potential for employer criminal sanctions for that violation, then include a solution for avoiding this violation. 
  • Explain one legal liability issue that could be faced regarding injuries and illnesses if they should occur at this business. 

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