North Dakota State Minimum Wage from The Perspective Of IR And HR Essay

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Prepare a short 2-3 page paper exploring how one of the problems identified in Week One (Minimum Wage) would be viewed differently from an IR and HR perspective. Expand on what you considered in the first forum post.

Cite all sources using Chicago Style

Original Forum Post:

“I think the single biggest labor problem today revolves around minimum wage. Although I do not have any work experience, I often hear my friends/family members who work jobs that pay minimum wage complain about how it is not enough. One of the main arguments I hear is that the cost of living has outgrown their income. This is a huge problem because today, the federal minimum of $7.25 leaves an adult with two children thousands of dollars below the federal poverty threshold. (Bobby Scott) There are millions of Americans who work minimum wage jobs who simply can’t afford to live forcing them to work multiple jobs at a time to make ends meet. This needs to be addressed and changed! There are many benefits that would come from raising minimum wage, as highlighted in this report from the committee of education and the workforce democrats. ”

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