Norfolk State University Impact of Trauma on Early Childhood Paper

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Course participants will choose from one of the following subject areas (or another approved topic by the instructor): 1. Considerations for interventions in adaptation to trauma (Multicultural, religion/spiritual) 2. Bereavement –normal vs. complicated; 3. Survivor/victim issues associated with one of the following categories: homicide, domestic battery, relationship violence including stalking, sexual assault as adult or child, hate crimes; 4. Impact of trauma on early childhood; 5. The neuropsychological response to trauma/current trends in research; 6. Post-trauma growth and resilience. 7. You can also investigate the long-term individual or societal impact of a well-known trauma such as Hurricane Sandy, the impact of 911 on people living in NYC, Sandy Hook Elementary School etc. Keep in mind your topic needs to focus on the population of Children and/or Families. Use APA style and provide a reference list including at least 6 professional citations. These papers are required to be 7 – 9 pages (not including reference or title pages).

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