New York University Genetic Modified Organisms Case Study Biology Questions

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1) READING: Case study “The Health, Environmental, and Political Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms.” Consult Chapters in your text if you need help getting through the paper and be sure to include them in your citation. The link for this paper is included above. 

2) VIDEO: “Genetic Engineering”

3) VIDEO: Monsanto Papers? 

4) VIDEO: Just Label It Campaign

5) RESPOND: Answer the following GMO questions .  Please type both the question and your reply.  Nothing handwritten will be accepted. Answer as fully as possible.  

GMO Questions:

1. Compare and contrast artificial vs. natural selection.  Please remember that compare is to find similarities and contrast is to find differences.  As such, in order to respond appropriately, you must do both. You can respond by writing your response in paragraph form or you may elect to bullet point or do a chart.  Your choice, just answer FULLY.

2. What is an IPR?  Conduct a Google search by typing in “IPR Basmati Rice” or similar phrase, you may want to include “India” for example.  How are patents on GMOs infringing on IPRs?  Please include the citation for the article you used to respond. 

3. Watch the Just Label It Campaign video that came out in 2012 in an attempt to raise awareness and encourage people to reach out to the FDA.  Did you know that GMOs have been in our food supply since 1996?  Did you know 93% of Americans state they want the FDA to label genetically engineered foods?  Yet, it is STILL not required to disclose what proteins or chemicals have been added to GMO products.  Whether you agree with GMOs or not, do you want your food labeled?  Explain why this is or is not important to you.  

4. What is your stance on GMO’s and WHY?  In one paragraph, tell me if you agree with GMO products in the food source or if you do not agree with GMO products in the food source—but be sure to back your position up with FACTS.  Please include those sources in your paper both in a literature cited page in CSE style and in the paragraph such as, ” According to the FDA…”  

5. Pick one food item and search the Internet’s reputable sites such as the EPA, FDA, or USDA in order to determine:

                a. What % of the food is grown in the US vs. other countries?

                b. How much land is devoted to production?

                c. What year did your selected food item become GM?

                d. What is it modified for?  For example, is it modified for Drought tolerance?  Pest resistance?  Please be specific and cite your sources

           6. How did the Monsanto video make you feel about the company and their products?

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