networking and security

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Hi . my project plan about (Developing and implementing security solution in Khands Company).

I have done chapter 1,2,3 . next chapter I am going to start logical and physical design on the network I did . I have attached the original work file of the project itself. Please read the project. and see the diagrams which is about the network design after implementing database failover clustering and application load balancing. Also there is switch redundancy and authentication solution . now please I want you to do the next chapter about local and physical design in new word file by following the below requirements:

(Logical design and physical design)

( see page number 59 of original word file of project report )

Requirements part A for this chapter:

Task1: provide description of System architecture.

Task2: Detailed system design is created in this stage where each component and its characteristics are identified.

Task3: make services and behavior of product to be communicated using various design tasks like servers design,network design, and interface design.

Requirements part B: (if needed to explain)

[ diagrams, Data Dictionary, normalization, block diagram, refined use case diagrams, class diagrams,sequence diagrams, Screen Images]

Instructions :

  • Write about 2000 word or from 7 to 10 pages work with font 12 of times new roman
  • Do from 5 to 8 reference with Harvard style
  • Understand the idea of the project by reading the project main points.

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