negotiation and conflict resolution 22

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Students are to observe two or more adults unknown to the observer. The student must not be able to hear the subjects being observed and those being observed must not be wearing a uniform of any kind as this would provide information about their occupation to the observer. Students must describe the environment and the people being observed, i.e., age, gender, dress, etc. Discuss the nonverbal communication, i.e. eye contact, body position and any other nonverbal behavior. Provide your interpretation of the relationship between those being observed. Be very discrete and do not have a conversation with those being observed.


Read and respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts. In your response to your classmates, consider comparing your articles to those of your classmates. Below are additional suggestions on how to respond to your classmates’ discussions:

· Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

· Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.

· Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research.

· Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.

· Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.

· Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.

Replie to first topic:-

The first person I observed was just seated outside a certain restaurant waiting to be served with lunch. He was a man aged between 25 to 28 years. From the look of the things, the guy seemed to poses etiquette of highest degree. The dressing code was truly neat and he was well gloomed gentleman. The general appearance made me to charge him as educated person. The gentleman maintained high degree of eye contact to what was happening in the restaurant. This showed how he was determined to know what was happening. This impressed me and it took my interest to see what he was doing next. I just stopped for a while pretending to wait for someone (Sadibolova, 2018).

The condition for ladies in game goes somewhat better. It is the expected connection among manliness and athletic capacity is correctly what changes the condition for ladies. The customary standards for sex, sex and sexuality for female competitors are not in arrangement. Her sex and sexual orientation, in conventional terms, oppose this idea. What? Give me a chance to clarify Ladies who take an interest in game interpretation of similar properties of quality, power and muscles and after that are considered ‘strange’ or ‘unfeminine’ which implies their sexual orientation is considered ‘manly’ as well. Thus, their sexuality comes into inquiry. They are viewed as conceivably getting to resemble hetero male competitors and potentially building up an appreciation for ladies.

The second person I observed was a saleslady who was chopping the vegetables in her small shop. The lady seemed to be untidy. The physical confrontation actually made me to hate her up to date. All of the vegetable leftovers were split all over the place. The environment was untidy. This happened to be the reason why she did have many customers (Ross, 2017).

reply to 2nd topic:-

The subjects for this task will be two students from this university. The first subject was a male while the second one was a female. They were at the campus monument when the observation happened. They both seem to be in their early twenties. Both of them were decently dressed, and they look like campus students.

The two adults were engaged in an active conversation, where they deployed the various nonverbal communication techniques. Some of the evident nonverbal communication techniques that could be seen from the interaction were body language, gestures, the sitting positions, the tone of the conversation, the volume at which they spoke and the eye contact. All these factors were significant in determining the kind of relationship that could be existing between these two adults.

First of all, the body language was so profound for these two adults. I could not get the content of the conversation, but, I could establish that the two adults were in a hay mood. Most of the statements either ended up in laughter or broad smiles. There were minimal contradicting signals from their body languages. Secondly, the sitting position was a critical parameter for establishing the relationship between them. The two adults sat next to each other, under the dim evening lights from the sun. They were close enough to hold hands, and they could even cross their feet in the middle of their conversation. At a few instances, they even hugged each other.

The male adult in the scenario was very gentle in his touches and speech. He specifically spoke in an excellent low tone that did not look casual or offensive. The lady also relied upon somewhat the same sound. They tried to maintain constant eye contact for the better part of the conversation. The connection came along with a smile for both the parties. They had no material for reference, but they spoke freely from their original ideas.

Considering all the factors listed above, it can be concluded that the relationship between the two adults was intimate. They could be in love already or aspiring to be in love in the future. The body language and the sitting positions were all suggestive of an intimate union. The tone of the speech was too calm and persuasive across the exercise. Other supporting gestures included body touch, hugs, the crossing of their feet and the general mood of the conversation. These features of a discussion can appear in other settings, but they are more prevalent in an intimate setting.

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